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We have been monitoring the coronavirus outbreak since early days of January. Our early engagement in this dangerous virus helped us to gather diverse source of information. We are technology and science news portal, and we cannot argue about the unfortunate negative economic impact of this virus in our societies, however our priority is always about societies, so therefor we are publishing the information we have carefully selected in our community.

We included also some remarkable, question mark rising theories in our publication as well. Why? Because we see that there are divided opinions about the source of the coronavirus, the claim that it jumped from a horseshoe bat to a pangolin or to a human both theories are not 100% confirmed by the scientists. Unless it is proven otherwise, we believe it is part of an objective evaluation of the individual reader. We do not represent any of the information sources mentioned in our publication, unless we clearly express our opinion by the article link.

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Latest scientific research about Coronavirus:

Coronavirus cure: French researchers completed new additional study on 80 patients, results show a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to be effective in treating COVID-19

Coronavirus cure: French researchers completed new additional study on 80 patients, results show a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to be effective in treating COVID-19


Temperature & Humidity Correlation by  #Coronavirus #Covid19

“…we find, under a linear regression framework for 100 Chinese cities, high temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19, respectively, even after controlling for population density and GDP per capita of cities. One degree Celsius increase in temperature and one percent increase in relative humidity lower R by 0.0383 and 0.0224, respectively. This result is consistent with the fact that the high temperature and high humidity significantly reduce the transmission of influenza…”

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Antiviral Research(Vol. 16, April 2020) is entitled, “The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade.”

Further, the science paper finds that there is no known viral ancestry to the CoVid-19 coronavirus, meaning it did not evolve from nature.

Vaccine information:

A very good insights, Worldometer Data Analytics #Coronavirus:

A Visual data insights per country: 

An online app with data on cases, health services, country readiness and policy responses to that.

The data is sourced from Johns Hopkins University , World Bank and Oxford University .

Famous industrialist who owns directly/indirectly SAAS, Electrolux, SAS, ABB, Ericsson, and many more brands, Jacob Wallenberg, part of Wallenberg foundation warns governments, source: Financial Times.

“There will be no recovery! There will be social unrest! There will be violance!”

He expects 20-30% unemployment rise due the effect of Corona virus…



Recent Genome analysis report:

Recent #Covid19 Information/Researches/Other infos on a row:

– Bloodgroups correlation(preprint), Bloodgroup A is significantly more effected.



– Anatomy of #coronavirus

– Explanation #ExponentialGrowth graph

– Canada is investing $194M in drug called “Colchicine” to reduce inflammatory IC complications. The Cytokine storm syndrome occurs by the people with the strong immune system. Anti-bodies cause inflammation in multiple organs. 

With Blood Ferritin test the potential Cytokine storm syndrome patients can be detected.

– Temperature/Humidity correlation: 

– Japanese pancreatitis drug Nafamostat success on preventing the virus transmission 

– Loss of smell? You might have #Corona infection, Anosmia is common by 2/3 of the #Covid19 infected people:

– Addition, a French Conspiracy theory subject #InOrganChip technology for Lungs patented by the Pasteur Institute:

– Virus lives shortest on #Copper. Use of #Copper by ancient civilizations:

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How did the coronavirus start:

On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) China office heard the first reports of a previously-unknown virus behind a number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population of over 11 million.

Since then the disease – formerly known as coronavirus but now called Covid-19 – has hit approximately 78,000 people in mainland China, killing 2,710. A further 3,700 cases and at least 51 deaths have been reported globally. As of February 25, Iran has reported the highest number of deaths outside of China – 12 in total, which suggests that the country’s 61 reported Covid-19 cases may be just the tip of a much larger iceberg.

The total death toll from Covid-19 is more than three times that of the Sars outbreak in 2002 and 2003 with health officials now warning that we are on the brink of Covid-19 going from an epidemic to a pandemic. Significant outbreaks in Iran, Italy and South Korea are of particular concern, with authorities struggling to find the “patient zero” to help explain where outbreaks originated.

Link to above news:

Current situation, reported at WHO:

Four new Member States (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, and Oman) reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

• A joint WHO and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) mission arrived in Italy on 24 February to support Italian authorities on the COVID-19 situation. More information can be found here.

Figure 1. Countries, territories or areas with reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, 25 February 2020    

Link to WHO report page:

The article published on 22 February 2017 at, referring to a dangerous level-4 pathogen risk Wuhan biolab where the most dangerous virusesare being examined. edited a note on this article specifically saying their article does not refer to source of the outbreak.

*BigdataQ believes this article with the following other articles related to Wuhan research lab below, collectively gives some indications of the big risk that is underestimated during the examined researches in those labs.

The following up article is about a very dangerous research examined by the scientist Ralph Baric from the North Carolina Chapel Hill university. This news is somewhat not being in the spotlight of the media.

Scientist Ralph Baric North Carolina Chapel Hill university created a gene edited hybrid coronavirus(with horseshoe bat’s in China coronavirus and the SARS combination in 2015. The article published in The Scientist debates the big risk of such research! 

The following information is interesting to highlight:

In another article you will find out, actually Ralph Baric did the research with Wuhan institution, Zheng li – Shi, the scientist who is attacked in social media as the person responsible of letting the virus escae from Wuhan Lab. (Below a paragraph about the claims: source Wikipedia: ).

In February 2020, the South China Morning Postreported that Shi’s decade-long work to build up one of the world’s largest databases of bat-related viruses gave the scientific community a “head start” in understanding the virus.[15] The SCMP also reported that Shi was the focus of personal attacks in Chinese social media who claimed the WIV was the sources of the virus, leading Shi to post: “I swear with my life, [the virus] has nothing to do with the lab”, and when asked by the SCMP to comment on the attacks, Shi responded: “My time must be spent on more important matters”.[15]Caixin reported Shi made further public statements against “perceived tinfoil-hat theories about the new virus’s source”, quoting her as saying: “The novel 2019 coronavirus is nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilized living habits. I, Shi Zhengli, swear on my life that it has nothing to do with our laboratory”.[16]

The link to Ralph Baric’s research:

Two articles about the Canadian lab espionage news also related to Wuhan lab: 

Head of the Canadese lab Manitoba that is mentioned in the earlier news article, the scientist Frank-Plummer died suddenly during a HIV seminar #Kenya on February 4.

“Frank Plummer, 67, was infectious disease specialist who achieved international influence” and No confirmed cause of death has yet been released.

Link to article:

In mean while Dr. Peter Salama, the famous epidemiologist with his work about Ebola, worked at WHO also is died from a heart attack on 23 January 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the age of 51.

The sudden death of the two very important scientists in the Virology area during this outbreak raised questions marks in social media.

Following news is not directly linked to Coronavirus outbreak however the timing of this news and the importance of discovering Nano-technology lithium batteries for the world economy is important, as it opens up new question marks, interesting to read. “Nano technology scientist Charles Lieber allegedly lied about his involvement in China’s Thousand Talents Plan.

The Coronavirus analysis research published by the Indian scientist

Next one is about the Indian researchers who published a research analysis report about the Coronaviruswithout peer-review. The scientists apologized later onfrom the community, however still there are some remarkable information to take a look. Chinese used HIV medication as one of the potential coronavirus treatment. -#HIV protein #Coronavirus Indian scientists research analysis

A blood group analysis done by another Indian researchers with remarkable findings as  some blood groups are more sensitive to HIV or Ebola than other.

The Role of Red Blood Cells in Enhancing or Preventing HIV Infection and Other Diseases

HIV infection has been reported to occur in select blood groups in some regions of the world. A study by Sayal et al. in India reported a preponderance for infection in group O Rh(D)-positive men and least among groups B positive and D-negative ones.

The research article:

Blood groups strongly differ per continent. For example Native South American Indians have only blood group 0, Blood group B is seen mainly in Asian and Middle Eastern populations, such as AB blood group is highest in Asian countries, while there is 15% of the world population has Rh-negative blood group and is mainly located in Europe. Rh-negative blood group means that blood group lacks rhesus monkey red blood cells.

Each blood group has different type of antigens present. Antigens eventually determine our reactions to virus’s. Currently blood groups are hot discussions in social media. There is also an information available about the dangerous Norovirus and blood group relation through oligosaccharides antigen.

You can see the distribution of the blood groups per country and per native tribes on this Wikipedia link:

The social media popped up #US officials debat:

Scientific information about envelope protein [Bat SARS-like coronavirus], Genome analysis URLs:

Debat about the Head of Who Dr. Tedros, some journals claimed that Dr. Tedros is praising the Chinese coronavirus response, and this has been dangerous affront to the global community.

A video about coronavirus claims:

Data about the Wuhan transportation logistic: 

An overview about fluenza, Sars, Corona 

Here is the article published on 09 November 2015that gives the insights about the Ralph Baric and Zhengli-Li Shi’s co-effort SARS- Corona virus research.

“A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence

Some other articles about the dangerous research of Baric and Shi:

Ralph Baric(and Zhengli-Li Shi from Wuhan Inst.)an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,(November 9-2015) published a study on his team’s efforts to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 coronavirus, found in horseshoe bats in China, and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells and caused disease in mice, according to the team’s results, which were published in Nature Medicine.

A scientific data about the resistance of the diverse viruses, including SARS/Coronaviruses

The virus can stay up to 28 days stays on steal by the temperature of 4C, by 20 degree its lifetime is shorter.

For data scientists, #Datasets #Coronavirus #Covid19 

A Washingtonpost article A faulty CDC coronavirus test delays monitoring of disease’s spread

Chloroquine use in Coronavirus

Belgian doctors used Chloroquine in SARS treatment in 2004:

In mean while there is also news circulating that the use of the Malaria medication in coronavirus found effective, the main element in Malaria medication is the Chloroquine, it is actually Quinine, it is a natural element found in Cinchona tree. It might be interfering glycosylation of ace2 receptors, Increasing endosomal ph. Quinine is also used in Indian Tonic water and was used to treat malaria in earlier century. In Modern times Tonic water contain very little amount of Quinine. Please note that we are not scientific journal, the information we publish are scientifically not confirmed, there is a common opinion that Quinine is a risky element for pregnant woman. Information on Wikipedia about Chloroquine:

Article at The Member Magazine Of The American society for biochemistry and molecular biologyabout Chloroquine use in coronavirus:

Economic crisis impact infographics:

Population at risk info

And the warning of the WHO about the coronavirus resistance

Hand-washing instruction:

Hand-washing survey results in Europe: