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Who they are

The Data Sharing Coalition is an open and growing, international initiative in which a large variety of organisations collaborate on unlocking the value of cross-sectoral data sharing.

The initiative started in January 2020, after the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy invited the market to seek cooperation in pursuit of cross-sectoral data sharing. The Data Sharing Coalition, supported by the Ministry, started as a direct result.

Their goal

The Data Sharing Coalition aims to drive cross-sectoral data sharing, under control of the entitled party, by enabling interoperability between data sharing initiatives and strengthening individual initiatives.

Their principles

The Data Sharing Coalition has determined the following six core principles that are leading when carrying out our activities and realising our objectives:

  1. Be open and inclusive: Any interested party is welcome to participate in the Data Sharing Coalition
  2. Deliver practical results: The Data Sharing Coalition will deliver functional frameworks and facilities that provide true value for all stakeholders of the data economy and that will help them accelerate in their data sharing context
  3. Promote data sovereignty: The Data Sharing Coalition aims to enable the entitled party(ies) to control their data by including this as a requirement in the use cases and frameworks
  4. Leverage existing building blocks: All Data Sharing Coalition frameworks and facilities will incorporate international open standards, technology and other existing facilities where possible
  5. Utilise collective governance: All frameworks and facilities produced by the Data Sharing Coalition will be governed in a transparent, consensus-driven manner by a collective of all Data Sharing Coalition participants
  6. Be ethical, societal, and compliant: All activities of the Data Sharing Coalition are in line with societal values and compliant with relevant legislation

Their approach and activities

We believe the true value of cross-sectoral data sharing can only be unlocked by fostering collaboration between a wide range of relevant stakeholders. In the Data Sharing Coalition, we explore and document generic agreements for data sharing in our Harmonisation Canvas to achieve harmonisation in a fragmented landscape, we define and realise cross-sectoral use cases, and we share knowledge to support the development of existing and new data sharing initiatives.

In an ongoing iterative process, the Data Sharing Coalition explores and defines generic agreements on a wide range of topics that are relevant for cross-sectoral data sharing. This includes topics such as technical standards, data semantics, legal agreements, and trustworthy and reusable digital identities. These agreements will be captured in a generic Trust Framework and governed by a common governing body, consisting of Data Sharing Coalition participants. First practical steps towards these agreements have already been made with the publication of a document that explores the outlines of these agreements. Data sharing initiatives that implement and adhere to the common agreements in this Trust Framework will set the first step towards interoperability with other initiatives and enabling cross-sectoral data sharing at scale for their users.

The Data Sharing Coalition works on a number of cross-sectoral use cases of data sharing, in which organisations from two different domains collaboratively define and realise a use case that creates new value from cross-sectoral data sharing. Besides this new value creation, these use cases provide valuable, real-life insights into what it takes to realise interoperability between different data sharing initiatives.

To support the development of existing and new data sharing initiatives, the Data Sharing Coalition provides a platform for the structured exchange of knowledge between a wide range of organisations involved in the Data Sharing Coalition community. Besides monthly knowledge sharing meetings and an active network of organisations involved in data sharing, we provide relevant content on findings and milestones of the Data Sharing Coalition and our individual participants.

The Data Sharing Coalition is an open and growing initiative that welcomes organisations that support our goal and want to accelerate together. Are you interested to become a participant of the Data Sharing Coalition? Read more.