LAZURI – The Laz language, the language of Ancient Caucassians.

Ma I/me Ben/Bana Ik/Mijn
Si You/You Sen/Sana Je/U/Jouw/Uw
Heya he/she/him/her/it O Hij/Ze
Cku (n) We (us) Biz(Bize) We
Tkva (n) You (You) Siz(Size) Jullie
Hentepek They Onlar Ze
Ma Arzu bor. I’m Arzu. Ben Arzuyum. Ik ben Arzu.
Si minor (e)? Who are you? Sen kimsin? Wie ben je?
Heya minoren? Who is he? O kim? Wie bent hi/ze?
Cku bidaten. We will go. Biz gidecegiz. We gaan.
Tkva  usvit. You say it. Siz soyleyin. Jullie zeggen dat.
Hentepek usvez. They said. Onlar soylediler Ze zaaien.
ckim (i) my benim mijn
skan (i) your (s) senin ouw
Hemus (i) his/her/its onun haar/zijn
ckun (i) our (s) bizim onze
tkvan (i) your (s) sizin jullie
hentepes (i) their (s) onlarin hun

Ckomoa ko’ moxdu: This expression is used for the person who is always hungry and eats a lot
Nanamushishen var nas’ken: A child who does not leave next of her/his mother.
Ora ko’moxdu: It is time to do……

Arzu Barské – Erdogan

Erdogan: Origin “Doganoglu”, Arzu Barské is descendant of Doganoglu and Canoglu families.

Doganoglu family origin is from Batumi.

Canoglu family is one of the main Laz tribes in the known Laz history, and is founding family (Chani’s) of the ancient Lazica kingdom.

Laz’s in modern times occupy the steps of ancient Amazon’s settlement, and for some researchers their routes go back to the Amazon’s.

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